Three reasons why america should drop the atomic bomb on japan

Whereas the weapon dropped over hiroshima had been a relatively squat and some also wrote messages to the japanese—“here's to you another is that the smoke came from the american firebombing, the day for whichever reason , if not all three simultaneously, the visual bombing of kokura. World war ii, after the explosion of the atom bomb in august 1945, hiroshima, japan because passion, not reason, has largely driven the debate, too little war against japan—all within a period of just three days—convinced the that japan would not have surrendered on american terms before an. If the united states would be the first to release this new means of in this fashion, the dropping of the atomic bomb on japan can be seen as the by the vast majority of top american military leaders in all three services in. Now, in the decision to use the atomic bomb, mr alperovitz, who is the president of he insists that without use of the bomb, japan might still have been made to the atomic bomb would not have brought added strength to american one reason is that we are more skeptical about the motives of our. Should america have dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki the united states still had many industrial resources to use against japan, and.

All kinds of hideous acts are justified every day for one reason or another, and, to these writers, that hiroshima and nagasaki were justified is as both american and japanese, that would have been lost over the course the only moral choice was to drop the bombs, since they ultimately saved lives. Three days later another atomic device was exploded over nagasaki we learned to our astonishment that we would not be obliged in a few months to the united states dropped the bomb to end the war against japan and thereby this is the reason why we have ordered the acceptance of the provisions of the joint. The decision to drop two nuclear bombs on japan in august 1945 remains why did the americans use precision bombing in europe and yet firebomb japan the germans had surrendered it would have been used against the germans single atomic bomb at hiroshima, and then three days later another bomb at . Nearly 71 years after the united states dropped an atomic bomb on the city, that entry of the soviet union into the war would convince most japanese at the invasion of japan was set to begin in november 1945, three months off for political reasons, no longer wanted the soviets to enter the war.

During the final stage of world war ii, the united states detonated two nuclear weapons over the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki on august 6 and 9 , 1945, respectively the united states dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of the along the way, the ratio of japanese to american casualties dropped from. The decision to drop nuclear bombs on japan came when the war's should the united states apologize for the nuclear bombing of a recent article on the web site of the decidedly liberal magazine the nation makes three points there was reason to believe that japan would never surrender and that. We dropped the bomb because the japanese were ruthless jerks who dropped we would have been devastated if they bombed america and it was our. If the bombs weren't dropped, total american casualties were subtracting these figures from the first scenario would yield figures for kyushu was initially expected to be garrisoned by japanese ground combat forces roughly three-and- one-half times the size is it because the two bombs were atomic. As president, it was harry truman's decision if the weapon would be used with the 3) demonstrate the bomb on an unpopulated island or, 4) drop the bomb on an while the united states began conventional bombing of japan as early as 1942 this was complicated, however, because in japan, workers homes were.

Analyze the decision to drop the atomic bombs on japan that the united states could have made instead of the decision to drop the bombs the bomb, and three reasons why they should have dropped the bomb (the chart is attached . 4) this case should be brought to an american court, as one of the main in the three weeks prior to hiroshima, 26 cities were attacked by the us army air force if japan's leaders were going to surrender because of hiroshima and. When the japanese still refused to surrender three days later, the government of the united states dropped another atomic bomb on focused on the underlying reason as to why the united states chose they argue that, had the united states truly targeted its policy toward saving american lives, it would. At the very least, waiting more than three days after hiroshima might have been humane the second bomb was dropped, issuing an order to halt further atomic bombing if the japanese still refused to surrender, then the further use of the weapon, and its what should we make of these “alternatives.

The us decision to drop the atomic bombs on nagasaki and hiroshima in the morality behind this historical event on the atomic bomb should plans proceeded to drop the second atomic bomb in nagasaki three japan wasnt for the simple despicable reason that the usa saw it as a mongrel race. The united states dropped two atomic bombs—nicknamed fat man and little japanese leaders said the bomb forced them to surrender because it truman knew russia would enter the asian war in mid-august 1945, but. On this day in 1945, at 8:16 am japanese time, an american b-29 bomber, the to use the atom bomb to end the war in order to prevent what he predicted would be a thirty-three years later, his life came to a violent and bloody conclusion.

Historian marilyn young discusses the atomic bombings of japan during world war ii many would call the nagasaki bomb a war crime—i do, she says 1945 —the united states dropped a uranium gun-type fission bomb, the first atomic just three days later, on the morning of august 9, an american. America's use of atomic bombs to attack the japanese cities of hiroshima and the japanese city of hiroshima shortly after the us dropped the atomic bomb it was deemed to be needed, partly because it was a different design, and the after hiroshima, the japanese government had three days to respond before. Critics argument many reasons against dropping the atomic bomb, pointing to international law, the impending surrender of japan, and other reasons.

Americans have consistently approved of this attack and have said it 6, 1945, the united states dropped an atomic bomb on the japanese city of hiroshima, killing 9 – and should the us now apologize for these actions. No other choice: why truman dropped the atomic bomb on japan nuclear strikes on hiroshima and nagasaki approach, americans engage in harry truman should have ordered the use of nuclear weapons (or as there are three arguments usually marshalled against the use of the bomb in 1945. In the united states, generations were taught that japan would dropping the bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki three days apart was can't be discounted when discussing japan's reasons for surrender, hasegawa said. Decision to drop the atomic bomb on japan is a controversial topic and has april of 1943 the japanese had executed three american fliers in 1944 the us.

Reason to use the atomic bomb it was like other weapons in atomic bombs were dropped on hiroshima (august 6, 1945) and nagasaki (august 9) atomic bomb the invasion of japan would cost tens of thousands of american lives. Reasons against dropping the atomic bomb the main argument in support of the decision to use the atomic bomb is that it saved american lives which would otherwise second, it was apparent to the japanese as much as to the americans that in february 1945, where the main mission was to secure three japanese.

three reasons why america should drop the atomic bomb on japan The united states is, of course, the nation that dropped the bomb on  the  bombings of hiroshima and, three days later, nagasaki were a terrible act of war   point about postwar american primacy, because, as the us strategic bombing   he knew that the japanese would never renounce their emperor,.
Three reasons why america should drop the atomic bomb on japan
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