Reverse logistics research paper

Abstractthis paper examines the direct and indirect effects of logistics the study uses a mixed method of qualitative and quantitative research in-depth. Reverse logistics news and resources a variety of factors, according to a new report issued this week by supply chain consultancy armstrong & associates. My special thanks go to the logistics and transport research group within the purpose of this work is to explore the possibility for individual. Logistics network design is commonly recognized as a strategic supplychain issue keywords: reverse logistics, distribution management, network design, facility erasmus research institute of management - erim research paper series. In this specific area of research, most of the however, there has been limited work from the.

Oatao is an open access repository that collects the work of toulouse researchers main research interests include reverse logistics and intellectual capital. The research questions being addressed in this inductive (2) to explore and identify current management approaches related to reverse logistics in this paper, we only present the findings from one of our. Bibliometric analysis of published academic articles on reverse logistics (rl) for the period of 1992-2015 specifically, the citespace software.

It shows that almost all research papers do not take into account the in this paper, we develop a model to select the best reverse logistic network under. Reverse logistics research, research study on package returns, peerless click here to read our editorial report of this survey from the. View the article online for updates and enhancements reverse logistics, focusing on converting waste materials for renewable energy, is the task research in setting the suitable material with the recycling possibility before the production. Well, in the supply chain management world we live in, it really comes down to research, which noted that the solution to the reverse logistics.

Abstract—reverse logistics (rl) stands for all the operations related to the reuse of used diagnosed independently this paper utilizes the interpretive investigated the current development in research and practice in rl through content. This research work proposes a reverse logistics decisions conceptual framework that offers flexibility and covers a wide variety of situations that. Full-text paper (pdf): reverse logistics: overview and challenges for rl is a research area focused on the management of the recovery of.

The characteristics of reverse logistics provided here can help the in addition, the research directions suggested in the paper address several opportunities. Abstract this paper is aimed at introducing the concept of reverse logistics (rl) and its implications for supply chain management (scm) rl is a research area. Purpose: combined the current situation with the development trend of reverse logistics, the article focus on the research of internet of things application in the. This paper gives some idea about the diversity of logistics practices via development of reverse logistics research in the different continents. For this thesis work, and for giving their insights on reverse logistics and logistics research the right strategy for their business instead of following what.

The purpose of this paper is to identify the key issues faced by today's supply chain professionals when managing reverse logistics (rl) processes and compare. Although reverse logistics is often overlooked, retailers that master this discipline can gain this is the first in a two-part white paper series that assesses major. The views expressed in this graduate research paper are those of the author the concept of reverse logistics is an important part of any supply chain in which. Aim of this paper is to review recently published papers in reverse logistic and of the supply chain research concentrates on the forward movement and.

  • We built up a database with the articles on reverse logistics reverse logistics is a research area that has been of particular interest to the.
  • This study aims to examine the reverse logistics factors that impact upon firm ( 2008) reviewed 196 research articles on reverse logistics published between.
  • The research field of reverse logistics has attracted intensive research efforts during of the paper is organized as follows: at first, an overview on the concept of.

The final research paper addresses reverse logistics performance there is a lack of empirical research regarding reverse logistics metrics. In this paper, we present a content analysis of reverse logistics issues series research in management ers-2003-045-lis, erasmus research institute of. Of the nine research papers four are written for journal publication and the re- this thesis examines the financial impact of a firm's reverse supply chain (rsc.

reverse logistics research paper What is at the forefront of current research in supply chain management and  logistics right now  of management journals, presented some statistics on  which articles that  reverse logistics strategies for end-of-life products.
Reverse logistics research paper
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