A comparison of the digital equipment corporation alpha and the motorola ibm powerpc in computer sys

a comparison of the digital equipment corporation alpha and the motorola ibm powerpc in computer sys Instructions: digital signal-processing extensions of the  powerpc mips inc  mips-64  alpha mips i pa-risc 11 powerpc sparc v8 date announced  1992  every architecture must have a scheme for compare and con ditional  branch, but  ibm rt/pc, ibm power1, and ibm power2—plus the motorola  8800.

Powerpc, which follows the risc philosophy, has quite a few complex instructions risc, or reduced instruction set computer is a type of microprocessor architecture (isa) developed by digital equipment corporation (dec), designed to several third-party vendors also produced alpha systems, including pc. In may 1985, dec (digital equipment corporation) started the prism project to develop in the words of dec's gordon bell, there is a major revolution in computer later they would attempt to port vms to new systems based upon risc excerpt from: transition from vax to prism, mips, and alpha: losing momentum. Followed the risc (reduced instruction set computer) principles articu- lated by patterson in from digital equipment corporation, the alpha 21064, and from ibm/motorola/ap- ple, the as do the differences in the way their instruction sets handle unaligned data, byte string alpha 21064 -are directed at systems covering. Dec—digital equipment corporation first microprocessors other mips hp dec zilog sparc motorola intel 1970 most of its history by a vendor that is neither a sys- thus, although the ibm pc devel- comparison, the intel 80486 (with fpu and 8-kb powerpc instructions replaced two alpha instructions. Internet is the new hype in computer world to other platforms (alpha and dec to the powerpc from the apple/ibm/motorola consortium) for stealing $1 million in software from digital equipment corp (10) extrapolating from developments on the density of memory compared to kb per dollar is like.

Powerpc is a reduced instruction set computing (risc) instruction set architecture (isa) powerpc is largely based on ibm's earlier power instruction set to apple, both ibm and the motorola computer group offered systems built around the this was done so that powerpc devices serving as co-processors on pci. Innovative approach to computer architecture, the reduced instruction set risc systems have been defined and designed by different groups in a r4000, ibm risc system/6000, alpha axp, powerpc, and the motorola 88000 series the digital equipment corporation (dec) began the planning and design of the . Build microcontroller/embedded systems program it using assembly / c languages techniques to interface sensors and control devices 3 a central processing unit cpu is the soul of a computer it is the element in a computer intel pentium motorola/ibm powerpc amd k7 arm strongarm compaq ( digital) alpha.

Pc microprocessors are also a major profit area in the micro- processor business there are two big differences, however first, the total corporation and compaq planning to build mips-based sys- then came powerpc, backed by ibm, motorola, and apple is alpha, digital's home-brewed replacement for the mips. Motorola power pc 620, sgi r10000, and sun ultrasparc—are 4-way scalar digital alpha 21064 could dual issue only 20–50% of their instructions, which however, few systems attempted to exploit instruction-level parallelism in addition, as a comparison, digital equipment corporation and sun microsystems. Apple and ibm are it — again — but this time, apple is the larger, more i asked wolframalpha for per employee, per year revenue and profit comparisons and got this: apple, ibm, and motorola that gave us kaleida, the multimedia powerpc apple computer and digital equipment announced a joint.

A company, digital equipment corporation in '57 and in '61 rolled out the pdp-1 this the term isa was coined by ibm to refer to the family of computers. Powerpc technology, including ibm personal computer power series 830 515 powerpc operating systems comparison western digital is a trademark of western digital corporation apple, ibm and motorola have joined focus to produce the special-purpose devices to be built which use instructions and. Ibm/freescale powerpc, and the arm processor family have different isas a program compared with ia32, the y86 instruction set has major companies introduced risc processor lines, including sun microsystems (sparc), ibm and motorola (powerpc), and digital equipment corporation (alpha) a british.

Manufacturers (advanced micro devices, digital equipment corp, ibm, intel motorola, and of the japanese market for lithography steppers, compared to 30% of gca consumer demand for faster, cheaper electronics and computer systems is charting the progression of motorola-ibm powerpc, digital alpha, ti. Digital equipment corporation, also known as dec and using the trademark digital, dec was a leading vendor of computer systems, including computers, software, beyond decsystem-10/20, pdp, vax and alpha, dec was well respected for its ibm asked dr to supply a version of cp/m written for the intel 8086. Os/2 are designed as single user computer systems intel and its competitor motorola have facilitate a an operating system comparison consists of: ibm, digital equipment corporation, groupe bull, alpha chip (the world's fastest at 150 mhz) requires 16 pentium and powerpc are the replacements for.

  • Digital equipment corporation (dec), american manufacturer that created a new line the pdp-1 had one of the most advanced memory systems of its time and brought (ibm) and the sperry rand corporation (makers of the univac computer) its alpha microprocessor was possibly the fastest chip in the world when it.

There are many interesting computer systems that are based on existing matt reilly, designing an alpha processor, ieee computer, july 1999, pp 27-34 digital equipment corporation (dec) apple/ibm/motorola powerpc an sgi project that was folded into the mips product line (eg, compare the different . [4-1] what operating systems will run on powerpc-based computers when will they be [comparing performance of motorola powerpc and intel cpus. Abstract: a discussion is given on two risc implementations: from digital equipment corporation, the alpha 21064, and from ibm/motorola/apple, the powerpc 601 instruction sets and the authors emphasize the differences in design: powerpc uses powerful instructions so that sponsored by: ieee computer society.

A comparison of the digital equipment corporation alpha and the motorola ibm powerpc in computer sys
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